it all started with a fight…

…the day that Forrest Griffin fought Stephan Bonnar on the finale of The Ultimate Fighter.  

As a kid I had only ever watched boxing before that fight, so if you’ve seen it, you can probably imagine how my idea of combat sports was totally blown to pieces (and if you haven’t seen it, you now have homework)

In the years since I have continually developed an appreciation not only for the world of fighting and competition, but also the people who put so much on the line in search of the glory it offers. Spectacles in which years of training, dedication and sacrifice are put on display for us all to witness.

Having been an avid gamer and photographer while travelling, a passion expanded while living in Tokyo, I think it was inevitable that my love of fights, video games and photos would eventually meet. A combination that has finally resulted in Throwdown Photography. 

My goal in all of this is not only to capture the highlight reel moments of the games and fights we love to watch, but also to show who athletes are as people and convey the energy they bring to the sports to which they have dedicated themselves.